NE-Mazing Race

Students will work together in teams to learn more about the Singapore story.

Programme Details


  1. Appreciate the importance of teamwork through hands-on activities by providing opportunities for students to achieve common goals through teamwork
  2. Enable the students to explore SDC’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery (PEG) and Special Exhibitions (if available) in a fun and engaging manner

Ideal for an entire cohort of students, the NE-Mazing Race provides a competitive element as students work with one another in teams, to learn more about the Singapore Story and improve teamwork.

Briefing [15 Mins]

Students will be briefed about their team challenges which will be conducted at different locations around SDC. Latest NE contemporary issues / active citizenship will be subtly woven into the exciting stations, which can range from team bonding games to quizzes.

NE-Mazing Race [2 Hrs 30 Mins]

Students will strategise and collaborate in teams to complete all the stations in the shortest period of time. The top 3 teams to complete the race will bring home some prizes for the day.

Prize Presentation and Debrief [15 Mins]

The facilitator will highlight the key learning takeaways before announcing the winners of the race.

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