Model ASEAN Conference

Learn about the workings of a mock conference and its role in facilitating discussions.

Programme Details


  1. Understanding the workings of a mock conference and its role in facilitating discussions and drawing up resolutions among member states
  2. Understanding contemporary issues affecting Singapore and other countries via the motion given for the conference

In this programme, students will get the opportunity to learn about the workings of a mock conference and its role as an organ of inter-governmental organisations like the United Nations (UN) and ASEAN. They will also learn about issues pertaining to current affairs, international and bilateral relations as well as understanding some contemporary issues that are affecting Singapore and the rest of the world. It also provides a platform for students to hone their research, writing, public speaking and critical thinking skills, as well as promote teamwork and collaborative learning.

Students will role play as country delegates from various member states who will be attending a conference. They will be given time to understand more about their countries and the agendas that they would like to bring to the table. As part of the role play, the students will learn more about conference protocol, lobbying and other tips. They also will get a go at discussing and negotiating issues before convening to share their countries’ positions on the given motion. Ultimately, they will have to integrate their different interests in a resolution which has to be supported by the majority through a vote.

Proposed topics for motions (will be updated based on latest issues)

• Economy
• Security
• Climate Change

Part 1: Understanding your Country

Students will get a brief overview of ASEAN and the motion, and form delegate teams for each ASEAN countries. They will then go through their resource kits to find more about the political, economic and socio-cultural situation of their country.

Part 2: Guided Tour - Permanent Exhibit Gallery (PEG)

Our Singapore Story Guides will bring students on a tour around our gallery.

Part 3: Preparing the Position Summary

Students will draft a Position Summary which states the position of their country, proposed solutions and details for the topic. They will also be introduced to the conference protocol and how they should conduct themselves in a conference setting.

Part 4: Opening Remarks with Position Summary, Voting and Results

Delegates will represent their country and share their position summaries.

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