Lights, Camera, Action! - Singapore Stories Series

Appreciate local films produced by our youth and appreciate how they use it to convey NE messages.

Programme Details


  1. To appreciate the local films that are produced by our youth and to understand and appreciate how they use films to convey NE messages
  2. To encourage students to reflect on key NE learning points and think about what they can do to contribute to Singapore

Film is not just a captivating art form for entertainment, but a potentially powerful educational tool which can enrich young people’s learning and lives.

This programme aims to use high quality short films from the Singapore Stories series jointly produced by SDC and local polytechnics to facilitate discussion, exploration and understanding of various NE messages. Activities conducted after the film screenings can also be centred around a variety of other topics, like media studies and industry-based learning programmes.

Below are some NE films: (please contact us for the full list of Singapore Stories Films)

Defence & Security Racial Harmony / Globalisation
SQ117 – Men Behind the Masks

Asam Pedas Ikan Salmon

O Meri Jaane Jaan

Pedagogical Approach

The film medium is easily understood and appreciated by all PSEI audience groups. It also makes it easier for educators to ease into the discussion/activity components after the screening.

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