Hard Truths On Security

Gain insights on geopolitical threats that Singapore faced then and the new challenges she encounters.

Programme Details


  1. To gain insights on geopolitical threats that Singapore faced then and what are the new challenges she encounters presently and, in the future
  2. To appreciate the need for a citizenry armed force in tandem with National Service to safeguard national interests

What are some of the geopolitical threats that Singapore faces today and will be facing in the future? Is there a real need for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and National Service today? This programme provides answers to some of the questions that students may have with regard to defence and security in Singapore’s context. Students will get a chance to find out more about the experiences of NS from past to present and interact with subject matter experts, who will shed further light on the increased relevance of SAF and NS in today’s ever-changing security environment.

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