Young Ethnographer's Trail

Student’s taking on the role as young ethnographers tasked with a special project.

Programme Details


  1. Introduction to research and data collection
  2. Analyse data, make meaningful interpretations and understand multiple perspectives
  3. Apply critical thinking skills in questioning latest contemporary issues, such as identities of communities, inclusive society, socio-economic groups, etc

Students taking on the role as young ethnographers tasked with a special project, will embark on a unique and immersive learning journey to a range of historical, urban and geographical landmarks around Singapore. Unlike the usual guide-centric tours, students will have to study, collect data and critically assess the impact of specific social-economic issues on-site.

This trail gives students the opportunity to carry out different fieldwork techniques in order to investigate the given hypothesis. At the same time, it allows students to sharpen their observation and critical thinking skills and learn empathy to better understand our society.

The trail is suitable for all students reading General Paper, Economics, Humanities, Project Work-based research projects and Values-In-Action (VIA)/CCE programmes.

Pedagogical Approach

The outdoor trail uses the inquiry-based and experiential learning approaches as strategies for students to learn more about research methodologies. It also provides the opportunity for them to test their hypotheses using the skills that they have acquired.

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