When It was Syonan-To Dramatised Tour

A dramatised tour on the World War 2 experience in Singapore.

Please note that this tour will be unavailable for the month of Oct 2022.

When It was Syonan-To​ Tour
It is 1942 and Singapore has fallen to the Japanese. Singapore is renamed Syonan-to, meaning “Light of the South Island” and included as part of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Lives are plunged into chaos and you must beat the odds to survive. You meet Beng Huat, a fellow survivor who asks for your help to locate his missing sister and other items to survive. Would you be able to help Beng Huat out?
Tour Details
Tour Availability
  • 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month
Time slots
  • 12:00pm, 2:00pm
  • 1 hour
  • Member: $10.00/person
  • Non-Member: $12.00/person
  • 5 years old and above

*For corporate bookings, please contact: [email protected]

Tour Features
Participants will play the role of civilians during one of the darkest periods of Singapore’s history and learn important lessons to ensure their survival. They do so when they encounter a pair of fellow civilians who lost their home in the bombing and are seeking shelter at an air raid bunker. There, the participants go on a challenge to complete tasks in aid of the pair, who in turn relate their personal stories and experience, sharing important lessons on survival through them. These stories expose the harsh realities of life during the Japanese Occupation such as the scarcity of basic necessities, the rampant dealings of the black market, the use of arbitrary currency, the uncertainties of people’s fates, widespread social changes, and the demand of absolute obeisance by the new ruling masters.
Participants will be transported back to 1942 Singapore and learn about life during the Japanese Occupation as a civilian. They are accosted by a Japanese soldier but manage to evade capture. They also encounter a pair of fellow civilians in an air raid bunker who enlist their help to retrieve essential items that they need and to locate their missing sister.
Participants will be fully involved in a challenge to locate the missing sister of the pair and retrieve essential items such as food, medicine and money. They go on a quest to search and locate the necessary items and bring them back safely to the bunker.

Throughout the tour, participants will be able to listen to stories related by the different characters, and learn how they can survive the dark days ahead.

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