We The People

Discover the key milestones in our nation building years as well as the evolution of Singapore’s identity.

Programme Details


  1. Understand the concept of national identity
  2. Understand the challenges to building national identity in a globalised world
  3. Explore the Singaporean identity and examine your role in the construction and shaping of our Singapore identit

This programme aims to offer students an opportunity to explore and (re)discover their understanding of the Singapore Story and the key milestones in our nation building years as well as the evolution of our Singapore identity. Through interactive activities like opinion polls, students will get a sensing of their peers’ views on hot button national issues and will be given a platform to discuss them. This engaging learning experience aims to help students to learn and appreciate how and why Singapore is a success today and the important role of Singaporeans in shaping our national identity and society.

Pedagogical Rationale

This programme adopts the inquiry-based and experiential learning approaches to challenge students to (re)evaluate their understanding of nation building and the Singapore identity, giving them a platform to exercise critical thinking and also to inculcate 21st Century Competencies.

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