Virtual Escape Room

Grab your co-workers for the ultimate test of one’s wit, attention to details, and communication skills! Can you and your team solve the puzzles and escape the crisis before time runs out?

Programme Details


  1. Understand the importance of teamwork in optimising group performance
  2. Appreciate the need for a concerted, committed, and holistic response in combatting terrorism 


Adam Liu, an eccentric journalist led a solitary life, working for the newspaper company ‘The Straits News’ for the past 10 years. He was often described as someone who would do anything and everything just to get a good story. Two years ago, Adam was tasked to cover the story of the high-profile escape of a terror network leader. After a thorough investigation, he discovered that the terror network leader had a mysterious figure outside who helped him with his breakout.  Desperate for the truth, Adam spent day and night investigating the identity of the conspirator. Little did he know that someone sinister was watching him from the shadows….

Inspired by true stories of terrorists’ operations, this story brings players from one landscape to another, traveling virtually across different spaces to understand how terrorism is more than what meets the eye.

Programme Details


  1. To improve team communication.
  2. To foster stronger relationship and cohesiveness in teams.
  3. Appreciate the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving excellence 


2.3 million infected and counting. 24 cities around the world. 2 strains of a mysterious virus that either destroys human cells or takes control and modifies the human body in unimaginable ways. Only 1 way to stop it and you are part of the medical task force that must do everything it can to find a cure and stop the spread before it’s too late. 

Time is not on your side. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared this outbreak a global health emergency, and borders are shutting down as we speak. But you and your team must travel to each one of the affected cities before they shut their borders to obtain a sample from the infected there and track the virus to its heart and origin. Only with that, can you develop a cure and mankind hoped to be saved.

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