Primary Education Programmes

The Little Red Dot and Our NS Story

(Centre Visit)


SDC Guided Tour + NE Film [1 hr 30 min]

Discover the Singapore Story and learn how and why Singapore is a success today. Also, we should reflect on how everyone has a part to play in shaping our Singapore and to have confidence in this Little Red Dot’s future. Students will be led through a multi-sensory experience that will engage their hearts and minds.

SAFTI Bus Tour [30 min] 

Hop onto our SAFTI bus and view the 88-hectare training ground for officers-to-be (closed facility, only open for special tours). This tour will offer a unique glimpse into the life of an officer cadet and the importance of National Service.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn and appreciate the Singapore Story and how Singapore's "Can-Do" Spirit has helped to transform the country from a Third World Country to a First World Country.

2. Learn more about the importance of National Service and appreciate the role of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in the defence and security of Singapore.

Programme Details

3 Hrs (Inclusive of break)
 Recommended Level Primary 1 - Primary 6

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Total Defence (TD) Day    

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Mid-Year Post Exams

Join us on an exciting journey to discover how Singapore is connected to the rest of the world.

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Racial Harmony/ National Day

Join us for an immersive learning experience to celebrate Racial Harmony and National Day.

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Year-End Post Exams

Exams are over! Learn what it takes to create a smart and future-ready Singapore.