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Students who visited our Total Defence 2017 Special Exhibition were able to learn about three clear and present dangers that Singapore faces – specifically Cyber Threats, Pandemics and Terrorism – from our three experts below.

The students could view the clips where each expert expounded on the definition and the danger of each threat and how we can defend ourselves against it. They were then given the opportunity to pose questions to the Experts.

Let us hear from our experts!


Cyber Threats

Singapore is a digitally connected and tech-savvy nation. We have also seen a rise in the number of scams conducted via online portals as well as our digital devices.

How can we mitigate these cyber threats?

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Mr David Koh – CEO, Cyber Agency of Singapore.


The fear inspired by invisible, infectious diseases such as SARS is very real. Factors like urbanisation and globalisation contribute to the outbreak and spread of diseases.

What is the worst-case scenario of an outbreak in Singapore?

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Prof Leo Yee Sin – Director of Institute of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology, Tan Tock Seng Hospital


No longer do terrorists come only from organised terrorist groups. The new face of terrorism includes people whom we interact with in our daily lives.

How would young people, the digital natives, differentiate between what is true and false in our era of fake news?

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Dr Shashi Jayakumar – Senior Fellow and Head of Centre of Excellence for National Security, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Over 3,000 students participated in this activity.

Find out more about the students’ responses here:
Download – Overall Analysis of Students Responses results.

EVERYDAY HEROES 11 & 12 Feb, 18 & 19 Feb, 11-19 Mar

Take part in the “Everyday Heroes” challenge and explore how the 5 Total Defence pillars can contribute to a safe, strong and cohesive nation.

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SG UNITE! CARD GAMEThrough this game, Primary 6 students will learn how they can play a part in Total Defence and appreciate this year’s theme, “Together We keep Singapore Strong”.

The game aims to bring awareness to the latest SG Secure campaign, the threats that we face today and the importance of our National Servicemen in defending our country.

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