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National Day 2019 Special Exhibition

16 July 2019 to 15 October 2019

Globalopolis.sg Our Connected Future

International Friendship Day Embassy Showcase

9 April 2019 to 23 June 2019

‘Our Next Battlefront’

Total Defence Special Exhibition

29 January 2019 to 24 March 2019

In commemoration of Total Defence Day 2019, S’pore Discovery Centre (SDC) has curated a special exhibition titled ‘Our Next Battlefront’. Key incidents over the past 200 years have reminded us that our nation’s peace is fragile and must always be protected. Fake news and cyber threats continue to be a key concern and are insidious threats to our sovereignty and survival. Be aware of our next battlefront as we play our part and become the first frontier to protect the peace in Singapore.

This special exhibition aims to heighten public awareness on how cyber threats and fake news can impact us and our survival as a nation. Lessons from the featured historical incidents of Singapore will also accentuate the efforts needed to combat the onslaught of modern day rumours, lies and propaganda initiatives in fake news.

Zone 1: A Walk Through Time
Featuring 30 key incidents through 200 years with an emphasis of rumours and lies as a basis of conflict, with eye witness accounts including oral history and newspaper accounts.

Zone 2: The World Is Black, White and Grey
Defining propaganda and its impact on communities today, this zone lays out case studies such as the US elections, The Real Singapore case and the SingHealth cyberattack. This section touches on the complexity of war and the need to guard against disinformation campaigns through digital media literacy.

Zone 3: The Future Is In Our Hands
As disinformation campaigns target cracks in society, a key concern is the need to guard against communal tensions. The exhibition will also highlight amongst others, the dangers of stereotyping.

‘Our Next Battlefront’ concludes with a call to action to mitigate the effects of disinformation campaigns and limit the impact of misinformation. What we do now matters not only in securing our peace; it decides the future that we want for Singapore – a future for Singapore by Singaporeans.

‘We’re SG’

National Day Special Exhibition

12 July 2018 to 18 November 2018

Come join the National Day 2018 celebrations at the “We’re Singapore” special exhibition, brought to you by S’pore Discovery Centre (SDC). Discover the stories of 14 Singaporeans who were motivated to step up to make a difference in people’s lives, and in our community.

Journey with them and discover how our actions have the potential to seed ripples of impact. With a shared commitment to co-create our future as one, let us build a harmonious and better home. Together, we are not just Singaporeans, We Are Singapore.

Share your love for Singapore and our unique identity by participating in a pledge-taking interactive with family and friends. Reignite our inner spirit of gotong royong and take an active step in becoming an agent of positive change for Singapore.

“Globalopolis.sg: Beyond Possibilities”

Embassy Showcase

3 April 2018 to 17 June 2018


Special Exhibition

30 January 2018 to 25 March 2018

In commemoration of Total Defence Day 2018, S’pore Discovery Centre (SDC) presents a special exhibition titled The Power of 1. This exhibition aims to bolster the psychological defence and resilience of visitors to better face challenges in an evolving security landscape.

The exhibition highlights key complex challenges and geostrategic issues that may impact Singapore’s survival. It will urge visitors to reflect on their readiness and play active roles in protecting and defending Singapore. Visitors will also be encouraged to support in a whole-of-nation approach because Together We Keep Singapore Strong.

‘SG: Shiok, Ulu & Steady Together!’

National Day 2017 Special Exhibition

18 Jul 2017 to 1 Jan 2018

Discover SG and the power of the invisible. Be a traveller in our home and find out
how our diverse experiences are really part and parcel of who we are as
Singaporeans. Let’s embark on this personal journey together – for Singaporeans
by Singaporeans, because the Singapore Story – it is Ours to Create!


The Wanderful Walkbook – Traveller in your own land
Explore your kampong and discover your world through brand new eyes. Record your thoughts.
Collect things that intrigue you and use our thinking questions to uncover new perspectives. Don’t forget to take pictures!

We hope this is a starting point for meaningful conversations between you and people around you,
to bring us all closer to this place we call home and to contemplate the kind of people that we are.

Click on the images below to download the different types of walkbook. This walkbook is also available in the special exhibition.



International Friendship Day Special Exhibition

28 March 2017 to 6 July 2017

What does it mean to live in a globalised world? Embark on an adventure, which will allow you to ‘travel’ and experience cultures around the world. This special exhibition will feature how globalisation has facilitated exchange of ideas, bringing forth new and exciting innovations that have transformed our lives. Find out how countries, economies and individuals are interconnected and interdependent in this increasingly borderless world that we live in today.

A multifaceted and multisensory exhibition, “Flatworld and Mashups’” promises to be fun, exciting and an eye-opening experience that brings you across political, economic and cultural spheres.

Join us as we commemorate IFD 2017 and the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN!


7 February 2017 – 19 March 2017


What is the price of peace? Cocooned in safe Singapore, do we really know what’s happening around the world or thought of how all these threats may affect us? If Singapore fell, what would our lives be like?

“Stronger Together” is a special exhibition curated to commemorate Total Defence 2017. It features the hardship experienced in Singapore during World War II, discusses clear and present threats to Singapore and shares how our friends and community play their part to help protect our peace.

Together with our partners, we share on the respective pillars of Total Defence. They include Army Museum of Singapore (military defence), Singapore Civil Defence of Singapore (civil defence), POSB (economic defence), OnePeople.sg (social defence) and National Integration Council (psychological defence).

Find out how you can play a part in protecting our peace. Together we keep Singapore Strong!


Military Defence
National Service (NS) is an important cornerstone of Military Defence. 2017 marks 50 years of NS! You can find out more about the evolution of NS at the Army Museum of Singapore (ARMS).


Civil Defence
SCDF Showcase up-close and learn the roles and capabilities of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) through a special showcase and exclusive vehicular display. Visitors will learn valuable skills that will aid them during times of crisis such as Improvised First Aid Skills (IFAS), and they could also participate in interactive activity stations that illuminate the importance of community resilience.


Economic Defence
Find out how Singapore’s own POSB supports nation building and Economic Defence in Singapore. Our ‘People’s Bank’ has been doing this for the past 140 years! Growing up with Singaporeans through the years since its founding back in 1877, POSB has played a critical role in encouraging the nation to save for rainy days, as well as to plan for a brighter future. Walk down memory lane with us as the POSB Gallery narrates how POSB mobilised national savings, its contributions towards Economic Defence through nation building and its involvement in the development of Singapore to where it is today.


Social Defence
How can we better build social resilience in our community and relationships? Find out through thought-provoking short films by OnePeople.sg which supports Social Defence.


Psychological Defence
Come explore the roles and actions that each Singaporean can take in building our nation, guided by the ideals expressed in our Pledge and represented on our National Flag – Democracy, Peace, Progress, Justice and Equality.’


’20/20 PLAY AT SDC’

1 November 2016 to 2 January 2017
A special exhibition that celebrates 20 years of SDC and our mission of sharing the Singapore story with you!


Singapore is our home where we work, live and play. Even in our fast-paced society, play can be an essential part of our lives.

In this section of “Go Play!” – find out more about the ways in which we can unwind with our family and friends. Along the way, make new friends and learn more about each other as well as appreciate more about what our home means to us. What are familiar sights and sounds in our everyday lives that we love and yet take for granted?

It is not all fun and games though. Playing can inspire us to create and build. Playing helps us dream big dreams for the future that we want. Get inspired to work towards a Singapore that we can enjoy to the fullest!



19 July 2016 to 11 September 2016

S’pore Discovery Centre (SDC) presents ‘Home’, a National Day special exhibition that celebrates our people and our values. The exhibition highlights the importance and beauty of a multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore, our bonds with each other and the unique signatures that collectively make us distinctively Singaporean. It showcases the importance of values in building Singapore; that to build a better future and community together, we have to pass down the right values to the next generation.

The ‘Home’ travelling exhibition will be brought to Kallang Wave Mall from 23 July to 9 August, the Singapore Expo from 6 to 9 August as well as tertiary institutions.

International Friendship Day 2016

1 April 2016 to 26 June 2016
ASEAN PULSE Exhibition


ASEAN Nations have embarked on establishing a single market for goods, services, capital, and labour, which has the potential to become one of the largest economies and markets in the world. Through the ASEAN Pulse Exhibition, S’pore Discovery Centre seeks to engage Singaporeans on the significance of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and prepare ourselves so as to capture new opportunities brought about by tighter integration in the region.

Come explore 10 ASEAN country pavilions and bazaar and discover the diverse range of goods that each country produces for the region and the global market. Appreciate the potential of ASEAN and its economic opportunities; and understand the cooperation and friendships with our neighbours.



Total Defence 2016

2 February 2016 to 19 March 2016


Events of 2015 demonstrate our fortitude, and how we can overcome all odds if we stand together. The next 50 years will have its share of security threats and challenges around the world and in the region.

Some may wonder: Will our little red dot make it to SG100? Will we continue to be strong and united as we face the future?


The Total Defence 2016 Exhibition “Together We Keep Singapore Strong” explores how we can, as one people, overcome the threats and challenges that Singapore may face in the future.

Understand the complex and unpredictable threats that will test our strength.

Be inspired by Singaporeans who have shown that we have what it takes to survive and succeed in the future.

Commit to play your part in Total Defence and keep Singapore strong.



<<There’s a Part for Everyone>>Here’s the professional version of the Total Defence song by local band QuickPick. Sing along and, together, unite our voices for a strong defence. – Ng Eng Hen #TD2016#KeepSGStrongConnexionSG[Note: Check out the “all-round” 360-degree video at http://mindef.sg/1oqJhqj. Pick your viewing angle and explore the entire set on your screen.]

Posted by Ng Eng Hen on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

<<Total Defence – Put your heart, your mind, your will (and vo…<<Total Defence – Put your heart, your mind, your will (and voice) to our defence>>The Total Defence song first sung in 1984 is a familiar old tune. So this year, the song gets refreshed with some new lyrics and a more upbeat arrangement. The chorus calls for every Singaporean to put your heart, your mind, your will for our defence. But staff asked if I would add my voice too! (Kena sabo) Here’s a sneak preview of me with some members from the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company, and local band QuickPick, singing the new version.Will put up the full music video performed by QuickPick next week. At this time, when our unity and safety is threatened by extremists, there is a part for everyone to stand together. Sing with us for our defence!- Ng Eng Hen#TD2016#KeepSGStrongConnexionSGThe Singapore ArmyThe Republic of Singapore Air ForceRepublic of Singapore Navy

Posted by Ng Eng Hen on Thursday, February 4, 2016

What can you expect for Total Defence 2016? What will the future bring us? Visit the Total Defence Exhibitions at S’pore Discovery Centre & Marketplace at The Future of Us to find out. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at what you can expect at the exhibition at Singapore Discovery Centre!For more information, visit: http://mindef.sg/totaldefence16#TD2016#KeepSGStrong

Posted by cyberpioneer on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Visit us to have these questions answered!

S’pore Discovery Centre

2 Feb – 19 Mar 2016

9am – 6pm

The Marketplace at The Future of Us exhibition

5 Feb – 18 Feb 2016 (Closed on 8 Feb to 9 Feb).

9am – 10pm daily (last entry at 930pm)

Army Museum Of Singapore (ARMS) Special Exhibition – Our Army, Our Nation’s Strength

20 Feb – 31 Jul

Visit ARMS Special Exhibition as it takes you on a journey to understand the various formations of the Army contributing in operations readiness, Army’s core values, as well as functions and roles as a formidable force.



Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Showcase and Vehicular Display

2 – 5 Feb, 11 – 12 Feb, 15 – 19 Feb

SCDF 1 (2) ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????

Learn more about the capabilities of the SCDF and acquire valuable crisis management skills through participating in interactive activity stations.

Total Defence Play

13, 14 and 21 Feb

Catch this inspiring 20-minute play, specially produced to commemorate Total Defence Day! Follow Desmond on his journey to the past and future as he discovers the importance of playing a part to keep Singapore strong.


Lest We Forget — A Special TDD Trail

12 Mar, 2pm to 5pm

Join us with your loved ones on a special Total Defence Day (TDD) Trail that invites you to reflect on our war experience and discover how far Singapore has come as a nation. At ARMS, gain insights to the humble beginnings of our Army and its capabilities at present day.

Over at the Reflections at Bukit Chandu, let the young ones learn of our gallant heroes from the Malay Regiment and their sacrifices as they heroically defended the last stand against a 13,000-strong Japanese army in the Battle of Pasir Panjang.

This trail will end at the Kranji War Memorial, where we immerse in the serenity of the place to honour the sacrifices of men and women who died in the line of duty during World War II.

Programme Highlights

    1. Registration/ Meet at SDC (Main Ticketing Counter) at 1.45pm
    2. Tour of Army Museum of Singapore (ARMS)
    3. Reflections at Bukit Chandu
    4. Kranji War Memorial
    5. End of Programme/Back at SDC

Recommended For

General Public, Families & Children (7 years and above)

Event Type

Guided Tour

Cost (All prices are inclusive of prevailing GST)

  • $15 per participant
  • Special Family/Group Package: $50 (Sign up in groups of 4)
  • *Any additional participant pays $15.

Registration Details

Registration can be done at SDC’S Main Ticketing Counter or via email to publicprogrammes@sdc.com.sg

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and is limited to 40 participants.

*Every child must be accompanied by an adult/parent and must be aged 7 years and above.

  1. Seat is secured only after payment is done. All payments must be made prior to the event day.
  2. Payments can be made in cheque, payable to Singapore Discovery Centre Ltd. or over at SDC’s Main Ticketing Counter.
  3. All participants who are Singaporean/PRs may enjoy FREE admission into S’pore Discovery Centre’s Permanent Exhibits Galleries throughout the day.

Please note:

  1. Tour will be conducted in English by an army veteran guide.
  2. Members of the public are strongly encouraged to come in groups of 4 or as a family.
  3. Participants are encouraged to bring their own necessities for the outdoor trail. (e.g. water, umbrella, hats)
  4. In the event of bad weather, SDC reserves the right to amend the programme itinerary where necessary.

For further enquiries and bookings, please contact:

Hayati Abdullah
DID: 6668 0327
Email: publicprogrammes@sdc.com.sg

“TD Defenders Unite!” Drop-in Craft

13 – 14 Feb, 20 – 21 Feb, 12 – 20 Mar

10am to 5pm


Introducing SDC’s first release of the TD Defenders!  Our five exclusive TD Defenders 3D-paper figurines are ready to battle it out this season as SDC celebrates its 20th Anniversary.  Dressed in their different iconic characters that represent the 5 pillars of Total Defence, these exclusive paper toys are a fitting reminder of our commitment to play our part for Total Defence – Together, We Keep Singapore Strong!

Collect all 5 individual characters during this Total Defence period! While stocks last.


FREE Admission*

(*Limited to one TD Man Craft per admission ticket for one child.)


 12 Feb – 11 Mar

Snap a picture with our TD Men at our Photo Booth.

Social Media contest

10 lucky winners will stand a chance to WIN our Limited Edition Total Defence Day collectibles every week!

To win, follow these simple steps:

  1. Like S’pore Discovery Centre’s Facebook or Instagram page.
  2. Post a picture taken with our TD Man on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Hashtag #TDMenUnite

The competition is valid from 12 February 2016 to 11 March 2016.

Terms and Conditions

1. Competition Period and Eligibility:

To participate in the Competition you must be over 18 years of age (as at the date of entry), have and a valid Facebook, or Instagram account. By entering the competition, you are agreeing to be bound by Facebook, twitter and Instagram’s Terms and Conditions. In addition, you are representing that the details provided are true and complete, including that you are the account holder of the Facebook or Instagram account specified. Only S’pore Discovery Centre subscribers are eligible to win.

2. Entry into the Competition:

If you wish to participate in the competition, you should engage in the following process:

a. Log in to your Facebook or Instagram account.

b. Post your picture with TDD Man on your personal Facebook or Instagram account.

c. The hashtag #TDMenUnite must be included in the post.

d. The post should be made on the participants’ own social media account – Facebook or Instagram.

3. Selection of Winners

a. Site administrators will select the winners randomly.

b. Only entries that have been submitted with the hashtag #TDMenUnite from a legitimate Facebook or Instagram account will be considered eligible for participation in the competition. All other postings and submissions will not be eligible for participation in the competition.

c. Each contestant is only entitled to win once in the entire competition.

d. S’pore Discovery Centre’s decision shall be final.

4. Winner Notification

The winner will be notified through Facebook and Instagram comments. The winner shall be asked to send us their NRIC number, official name, phone number and email address for purposes of authentication to info@sdc.com.sg. The details of the prize collection will be sent via email upon the winner submitting their NRIC number, official name, phone number and email address.

5. Other Terms and Conditions

a. The winners shall collect the prize at their own cost, and shall accept the prize as it is.

b. Prizes are non-transferable and subject to availability. S’pore Discovery Centre reserves the right to substitute the prizes with any alternative prizes of equivalent value at any time without prior notice.

c. The winner will collect the prize in person and be required to provide proof of identity.

d. All prizes not collected after 30 days after notification will be forfeited.


27 June 2015 to 3 Jan 2016

Come visit #MY SINGAPORE – Ours to CREATE, a special exhibition by S’pore Discovery Centre!  This exhibition has been specially curated for Singaporeans by Singaporeans to celebrate 50 years of nationhood. Traveling exhibition open to public from 1 – 10 August 2015, at Esplanade Lawn!

This exhibition will open on 27 June 2015 to 3 Jan 2016. Admission is free.

A2SG50 Exhibition-01

Deepening International Friendships

31 March 2015 – 7 June 2015

Discover how Singapore has become a contributing country on the global stage. Visitors will learn more about why international friendships are important to a small nation such as Singapore.

Visitors can also appreciate how everyone can play a part in developing these friendships around the world. The Embassy Showcase at the SDC Main Lobby will provide insights to our diplomatic relations and how youths from these countries are global citizens.

This exhibition will open on 31 March 2015 till 7 June 2015. Admission is free.

IFD 2015 EDM heading

Total Defence 2015
Special Exhibition:
“To Gather, Together!”

This exhibition is intended as a renewal of our commitment to defend Singapore, and especially for the current generation of young Singaporeans, to step forward to give their best. It will touch on the safety and security of Singapore and importantly, feature youths who care about and contribute to the well-being and protection of Singapore, especially in times of crisis.

Some of the special features at SDC will also include the SCDF learn-thru-play stations and the SAF50 Exhibition as part of SDC’s effort to support TDD and SAF50. Students will be able to appreciate how our pioneers had contributed significantly to the defence of our nation through their stories of belief and conviction that this country is defensible and worth defending.

Guided tours are available at the following timings on a first-come, first-served basis: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm.

This exhibition will open on 27 Jan till 22 Mar 2015. Admission is free.

SAF50 Exhibition 2015

As we celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday this year, let us not forget the brave men and women who fought for Singapore’s sovereignty in her founding years, and all those in service who still protect it day to day. The sacrifices of the Armed Forces are easy to see when a country is under threat, but what often goes unseen – and thus unacknowledged – is the tireless continuous work that they do to keep the peace.

SAF50 is an interactive exhibition anchored by a collection of stories that commemorates the Singapore Armed Forces 50th anniversary. In surfacing untold narratives, the exhibition offers deep insight into what drives ordinary men and women to give their best, and gives due tribute to those who form the bedrock of our beloved country’s prosperity and security.

Duration: 17 February 2015, Tuesday to 22 March 2015, Sunday

Venue: S’pore Discovery Centre Concourse. Admission is free.


Archetype SG: Sharing Perspectives, Building a Future Together

7 Oct 2014 to 4 Jan 2015

“Many of us have a dream of building a better future, a better Singapore. What’s yours?
Join us in this exhibition to find out more about the transformation of Singapore from past to present, and thoughts and feelings of building a future Singapore together. Students will also learn more about sustainable living challenges.

Live, Laugh & Love…still SHIOK to be Singaporean!

8 July to 14 September

Visit Live, Laugh & Love…still SHIOK to be Singaporean! Special Exhibition at S’pore Discovery Centre. From 8 July to 14 September, stand to win a pair of tickets to catch NDP 2014 Parade Preview and NDP 2014 live at The Float @ Marina! Up to 20 pairs of tickets are up for grabs!

How do I participate?
  1. Get a lucky draw form from SDC Ticketing Counter or from Exhibition Guides on duty.
  2. Answer 3 questions on the form (that can be found inside the exhibition) and share with us in not more than 20 words ‘Why do I want to be at NDP 14?’
  3. Please ensure that all your personal details are written on the lucky draw form. All required fields must be filled up.
  4. Please drop your entries in one of the 2 boxes provided in the exhibition space. One box is for the lucky draw to qualify for NDP 2014 Parade Preview tickets; the other is for the lucky draw to qualify for NDP 2014 tickets. Please note that:
    • Cut-off date to qualify for NDP 2014 Parade Preview tickets lucky draw is on 27 July (Sun)
    • Cut-off date to qualify for NDP 2014 tickets lucky draw is on 3 Aug (Sun)

Click here for terms and conditions


Folktales, Fables & Fantastic Futures –

Stories we Share
1 April to 30 June 2014

Discover how important values and aspects of culture are communicated through the fantastic world of stories and performance art. Explore the similarities amongst different countries as we share many basic values. Also, discover how Singapore’s diplomatic efforts through Cultural Diplomacy improve our friendships with the rest of the world. Our Embassy Showcase at the lobby, also provides an exclusive insight to specific countries, the stories they share and the importance of good relations.

On Guard

28 January to 14 March 2014

Explore how youths can play a part in contributing to the many aspects of Total Defence. In this stylistic experential exhibition, youths can explore how daily school activities such as CCA, Crossfire Paintball, Values in Action activities and School Education aligns with Total Defence messages. Total Defence is not only necessary, but can be personal to all of us.
tower defend

Hope. Heart. Home Exhibition

Explore the feelings of youths on what they think and feel about Singapore, our home. Step into this photo-journalistic style exhibition and follow the youths to understand more about their hopes and dreams for the future, what makes them happy and how they care more for each other as well as what home means to them.
tower defend

Shiok Exhibition

S’pore Discovery Centre’s Special Exhibition ‘Shiok to be Singaporean’ was launched to celebrate what it means to be Singaporean and what makes Singaporeans special. Visitors got to immense themselves in Singapore’s unique local culture by learning a few street lingo and learn how to order drink like a professional in a Kopitiam! Moreover, visitors to take photos with So Singapore icons and create shared memories together.
tower defend

International Friendship Day 2013

Journey through the exhibition and learn how important Singapore’s relationship with different countries are, as they discovered the many imports from around the world through the much-loved topic of food. Find out how food travels from farm to plate, and how friendships are developed between many countries to allow for these journeys; similarly with all products around the world.
tower defend

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