The Last Light


“I fight not because I hate what is in front of me, I fight because I love what is behind me.

A Singaporean son has to fight for and defend his country. Despite his initial apathy and reluctance, he discovers his commitment to defend his nation when his teammates are threatened, while recalling his family’s own pain and anguish during World War II. He then discovers his sense of purpose and rallies the troops to confront the enemy. 

Be plunged into a war that you have to fight for, dig deep into in order to understand hard truths about National Service (NS) and reflect on your own motivations in supporting NS in this mixed medium drama presentation.

This show allows the audience to explore in depth what loyalty and commitment to defence means, regardless of the nature of threats faced in a complex and ever evolving security landscape.

About the Space

The Last Light is performed in an immersive space meant for multimedia drama shows, an experimental space for dramatisation as well as a reflection area. It is equipped with stage and lighting equipment and special effects to conduct plays and shows. It provides a platform to nurture an understanding on the need to serve in NS, provoke discussions as well as develop emotional connections in a direct and yet sensitive manner.

Look Out for SDC’s Upcoming Programme featuring ‘The Last Light’

Students will appreciate the significance of National Service (NS) and how each Singaporean plays a vital role in defending Singapore. Students will engage in a series of activities and discussions that will evoke reflections on the cost involved in preserving Singapore’s peace and prosperity today and what protecting Singapore from current and future threats entails.