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  • Secondary Education Programmes 2020
    Get a copy of our Secondary Education Programmes 2020 to find out more about the programmes for both students and educators!
  • Decrypt SG Racial Harmony and National Day 2019
    Come join us at S’pore Discovery Centre for an immersive Racial Harmony and National Day Programme. Explore with us how we can truly be inclusive, united and proud of our unique Singaporean identity, and develop a strong sense of common identity and belonging together.
  • School Assembly Roadshow
    Learn about the key messages of our NE commemorative days, important citizenship dispositions and CCE values through our school assembly roadshow. This programme makes use of drama/performance to illustrate examples from our daily lives and contemporary issues for discussion, allowing students to better understand their roles in today’s society.
  • Outdoor Trails
    Focusing on promoting better understanding and appreciation of Singapore, these outdoor trails are closely aligned to CCE and the syllabus.
  • Counter-Terrorism Paintball
    Be engaged in understanding the current climate of terrorism and envision how to play a part in keeping Singapore safe. Suitable for all students above 14 years old, students will experience a different approach via paintball gameplay in tackling the issue of counter-terrorism.
  • NE Ambassadors
    The NE Ambassador Programme is a stimulating and interactive programme that has been designed especially for school pupils. It aims to nurture student leaders to interest and engage with their peers in issues regarding National Education by equipping them with relevant life skills. In order to achieve this, pupils are encouraged to complete the entire NE Ambassador Series and achieve the Gold Award.
  • Curriculum-based programmes
    Closely linked to the secondary school syllabus, these programmes aim to inculcate values and allow students to better appreciate the environment that they live in. Through interactive activities and active participation, these programmes will also help students understand issues relevant to their everyday life and invoke critical thinking skills in their social experiences.
  • NE-mazing Race
    Ideal for an entire cohort of students, the NE-mazing race provides a competitive element as students work with one another in teams to learn more about the Singapore Story and build stronger bonds with their peers.
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For enquires and booking of programmes, please contact -

South & East Zone Schools

Mr Rick Lee
Assistant Account Manager
Tel: +65 9693 4955


North & West Zone Schools

Mr Edwin Cheu (covering)
Senior Manager
Tel: +65 9863 3133


Special Projects

Ms Soo Hui Wah
Director, Education
Tel: +65 6792 6188