Secondary Education Programmes

Total Defence Programme
(For Uniformed Groups)

Part 1: Bronze Badge [3 Hr]

Students will recognize that there are many things they can do to keep Singapore secure.

Part 2: Silver Badge [3 Hr]

Students will understand how to prepare for complex threats and start to actively advocate for Total Defence by teaching the Guardians of the City (GOTC) card game.

Part 3: Gold Badge [3 Hr]

Students will learn how to design a meaningful Total Defence lesson that addresses Singapore’s security challenges.

Learning Objectives

1. To deepen understanding of Total Defence:

•  Increasing relevance of TD in today’s complex threats
•  Clarify that TD goes beyond counter-terrorism and SGSecure

2. To create a meaningful learning experience:

•  Appreciation, application and advocacy model

Programme Details

3 Hrs (Inclusive of break) 
 Recommended Level
Secondary 1 - Secondary 5 
(Uniformed Groups)
 No. Of Participants 
Min. 25 pax / Max. 40 pax (per class)

For enquiries and/or booking of educational programmes, please contact:

North & West Zones
Ariel Ong (Ms), Asst. Account Manager
Tel: (65) 9362 9675
Email:  [email protected]   

South & East Zones
Rick Lee (Mr), Asst. Account Manager
Tel: (65) 9693 4955
Email:  [email protected]   

Or email us at [email protected], our Education programme specialist will contact you shortly.

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