Secondary Education Programmes

Contemporary Sources Investigators (CSI)

Apply the skills learnt from source-based case studies to understand contemporary issues that are closely related to active citizenry. After appreciating the challenges that Singapore faces, students will collaborate to design solutions to address these issues.

Briefing [15 Mins]

As a team, students will explore and learn some steps to guide them to interpret the sources based on the themes that are introduced.

Classroom-based SBQ Investigation [1 Hr 15 Mins]

Learn to unpack and make sense of different sources in specific contexts. Students will put into practice how to piece together different perspectives in order to form a well-rounded view of the issue at hand.

Design and Propose Solutions [1 Hr 15 Mins]

Devise possible solutions to address the issue. The process of “solutioning” allows students to explore and understand their roles and responsibilities of being active citizens in Singapore.

Debrief and Reflection [15 Mins]

Students will be guided through a meaningful discussion and reflection of the key learning points regarding active citizenry.

Learning Objectives 

1. Investigate and evaluate information gathered from authentic sources within the Singapore context

2. Explore how we can become active citizens

3. Better understand and appreciate different perspectives, contemporary issues and current challenges to Singapore

Programme Details

3 Hrs (Inclusive of break)
 No. Of Participants 
Min. 1 class/ Max. 4 classes  
(Max. 40 pax per class)

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