Secondary Education Programmes

Army Days

Through the programme, students will learn how to appreciate the significance of National Service (NS) and the Army’s role in maintaining Singapore’s security. Students will interact with Army veterans and gain valuable insights into national service training and basic soldiering. Students will also learn about the role of NS and the importance of NS in safeguarding Singapore’s national interest.

Classroom-Based Experience 

Students will go through a hands-on basic soldiering experience:

a) Uniforms and Cover Concealment 
b) Combat Rations and Health & Hygiene

Tour / Short Film

Students can either go on a bus tour of the SAFTI military  institute, gaining first-hand knowledge of how an Officer Cadet  Army-training institute looks like, or interact with Army Veterans  over the screening of a short film – “Blood-Sweat and Tears”, to  understand the early years of the Singapore Armed Forces and  the difficulties they faced.

Learning Objectives 

1. Appreciate the reasons behind the need for National Service (NS) and the Army’s role in maintaining Singapore’s continual security

2. Understand the experiences of our NS men through basic soldiering experience

3. Understand the role of NS in the future and the role that citizens play in Singapore’s defence through engaging activities

Programme Details

3 Hrs (Inclusive of break) 
 Recommended Level
Secondary 1 - Secondary 5 
 No. Of Participants 
Min. 100 pax / Max. 160 pax 

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South & East Zones
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