Racial Harmony Day

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Racial Harmony Day

This day commemorates our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society as a racially harmonious nation! Let us continue to put our hands together to maintaining racial and religious harmony. 

As the saying goes, "Food is the ingredient that bonds us together.", we hope to inspire bonding through the different cultural food and fun facts this Racial Harmony Day!

P.S. No food was harmed during the filming. Just consumed.

Roti Prata

First up, Roti Prata! Watch how you can turn eating Roti Prata into fine dining experience. 

FUN FACT: Roti Prata is a traditional Indian flatbread dish, usually served with curry. It's one of Singaporeans' favourite dish for breakfast.


Second dish, Satay! How else can Satay be served apart from their traditional sticks? Watch to find out! 

FUN FACT: Satay is a Malay dish served with compressed rice called Ketupat. Locals commonly dip this grilled meat skewer in sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

Sugee Cake

Next up, Sugee Cake! Plate them like how it is done in cafes! 

FUN FACT: Sugee Cake is a soft Eurasian dessert, traditionally eaten during celebrations, birthdays and weddings.

Wanton Mee

Finishing this series, we have Wanton Mee! Watch us give this dish a brand new look! 

FUN FACT: Wanton Mee is a popular Chinese dumpling noodle dish. The wantons can be served in soup, dry or fried.

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