Post-Secondary Education Programmes

Operations Triple Threat

Students will embark on a self-directed mystery and game-based learning outdoor trail to uncover how security threats have evolved from overt inter-state aggression to one that could be more covert and sinister in nature. Students, in their small groups of five to six, will role-play as investigators on a mission to foil a bomb threat by deciphering clues and visiting six different historic sites that are suspected to be the possible locations of the bomb blast. Using clues obtained at each site, students will uncover the true culprits and better understand the evolving nature of today’s security threats.

The gameplay will take students to important landmarks around the Civic District such as:

• Merlion Park [Starting + Briefing Point]
• Cenotaph
• Old Singapore Volunteer Force HQ
• Fort Canning
• Padang
• Central Fire Station
• The Fullerton
• Lim Bo Seng Memorial [Ending Point]

At each site, students will uncover the historical context behind each landmark and discover how they are linked to Singapore's defence history.

Learning Objectives

1. To appreciate the evolving nature of security threats and understand how the responsibility of defending Singapore rests with all Singapore Citizens

2. To learn about Singapore’s history from a defence-centric perspective

3 - 4  Hrs
 No. Of Participants 
Min. 2 buses / Max. 4 buses
(Max. 40 pax per bus)

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