Post-Secondary Education Programmes

Non-Traditional Security, Threats Workshop (NEW!)

How do non-traditional security challenges impact Singapore’s national security? How can Singapore adapt to these challenges? The next generation will encounter a more volatile security climate and have to navigate through more complex issues. Hence, it is crucial to be prepared and equip ourselves with the readiness to work and live in such a complex environment. This workshop will serve as an opportunity for students to challenge traditional mindset and formulate new ones, while acquiring critical foundational knowledge that would enable them to recognise underlying cultural, economic, social and geopolitical forces at work globally.

Subject matter experts from different backgrounds will share rich knowledge and experiences to help students understand these pertinent issues better.

Learning Objectives

1. To sensitise students to the range of non-traditional security challenges that Singapore faces

2. To deepen students’ understanding of Singapore’s vulnerabilities to non-traditional security challenges

3. To inspire a call-to-action amongst the students, to enable them to identify areas that they can contribute in order to mitigate these challenges

Programme Details

3 Hrs 
 No. Of Participants
Min. 30 pax / Max. 150 pax *Complimentary bus transport (T&C apply)

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