Post-Secondary Education Programmes

Industry-Based Programme

Students will get a chance to go beyond the exhibition walls and explore the inner workings of SDC through exclusive back-of-house tours and come up-close and personal to interact with our staff!

This programme offers topics which will be of interest to different groups of students:

1. Tourism & Attractions Management

Gain a better understanding of the tourism industry in Singapore and how SDC manages itself as an edutainment attraction & NE centre.

2. Programme & Events Management

SDC is not just about exhibition and guided tours. Find out more about how educational programmes and events play an important role in promoting visitorship and customer experience for SDC.

Unique Learning Opportunities

• Learn more about the operations of SDC
• Sharing of real-life accounts from SDC staff
• Internship/job opportunities in SDC

Pedagogical Approach

By learning at an attraction and speaking to industry specialists, students can relate better with the subject matter to the real world situations. They are motivated to make connections between knowledge and its application to their lives as students, prospective workers and citizens.

Learning Objectives

1. To provide exposure to the real working world including behind the scenes of how an attraction operates

2. To share job challenges and opportunities as well as career prospects in the tourism/attraction industry

Programme Details

3 Hrs (Inclusive of break)
No. Of Participants
Min. 70 pax / Max. 120 pax
*Complimentary bus transport (T&C apply)

For enquiries and/or booking of educational programmes, please contact:

Junior Colleges, Centralized Institutes, Tertiary Groups
Remus Sng Tee Kiat (Mr), Asst Account Manager
Tel: (65) 9880 3710
Email:  [email protected]   

Or email us at [email protected], our Education programme specialist will contact you shortly.

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