Post-Secondary Education Programmes

'HTHT' Defence
Outreach Programme

Through interaction with our speakers with relevant experience in their respective fields, this programme aims to provide students with insights into latest issues in political, economic and social developments that affect the Singaporean way of life. There are three popular topics, which are relevant to subjects such as General Paper, Current Affairs and National Education.

Terrorism and its Impact on Singapore

The lecture will focus on the rising threat of radical and extremist ideology and the negative impact it has on the world and the region, especially Singapore. The dangers posed by transnational terrorism to the self-radicalised extremists will be explored. The session will draw attention to the dangers posed by cyber terrorism, such as through extremist websites and videos, and how they have influenced many self-radicalised extremists around the world. One will also learn about the impact of such terrorist attacks on the social fabric of Singapore.

International Relations for Necessity and Survival: Is this True for Singapore - The Little Red Dot

With the onset of countries setting up walls increasingly, as well as putting up trade/political barriers to protect their borders, there an urgent need in the maintenance of good international relations while preserving the nation’s sovereignty and national interests. The lecture aims to highlight and discuss why international relations are important in this globalised world and to give insights into some key principles of Singapore’s foreign policy. It will examine how Singapore, commonly known as the “Little Red Dot” maintains its international relations within the region and beyond. The lecture will also highlight how Singapore works with major powers such as USA, China and India, as well as regional and international organisations like the UN etc, in the areas of trade and diplomacy.

Racial Stereotypes and how they Affect Racial Harmony

The lecture aims to highlight how our perception and understanding of racial stereotypes can be easily influenced by mass media, especially social media, where families and friends as well as the people around us are vulnerable. Awareness of these stereotypes can help us to be more mindful of how such perception influence our daily actions and decisions on how we should behave towards other racial groups, which helps maintain racial harmony.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand current trends and issues in political, economic and social developments that affect the Singaporean way of life.

Programme Details

1 Hr
 No. Of Participants
Min. 320 pax

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