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Future Economy Trail

Was the idea of developing the Jurong Industrial Estate a crazy and impractical initiative? Apparently, it was not deemed as feasible when it was first mooted. Fast forward to the present day, this initiative is now seen as an important and ground-breaking project as we see the economic transformation of the Jurong area across time and space.

Did you know why the industries were set up in Jurong and why some of them are still located here? Through the Future Economy Trail, students will explore the Jurong area, have an exclusive visit to the Chem Gallery on Jurong Island (protected facility with limited access). Students get a change to observe and learn more about economic and geographical concepts such as scarcity, market failure, space and place at work in reality.

At the same time, students will also get a chance to work on a business proposal with reference to the recommendations made by the Committee of Future Economy and present their proposal to a panel of judges which will include representatives from relevant industry partners.

Pedagogical Approach

The outdoor trail adopts the inquiry-based and experiential learning approaches to make it more engaging and appealing for students, by getting them to observe and reflect on what they have learnt in the field work and the outdoor classroom, beyond their textbooks. They will learn more about the economic transformation of the Jurong area and its contributions to the Singapore economy.

Learning Objectives

1. To understand the economic transformation of Jurong into Jurong Industrial Estate and the role it has played in Singapore’s economic growth and development

2. To learn the practical applications of economic theories (selected) in Singapore’s context  

3. To understand and analyse the strategies (selected) adopted by the Committee of Future Economy (CFE) for Singapore’s progress 

Programme Details

4 Hrs (Inclusive of travelling time)
No. Of Participants
Min. 25 pax
*Complimentary bus transport (T&C apply)

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