Primary Education Programmes

Our SG Films: School Assembly Programme


Screening of SG Story Film [Approx. 30 Mins Per Show]

Understand the importance of National Education through SG Story films. Students will gain insights into how internal and external threats could cause disruption to the peace and stability in Singapore. They will also appreciate and embrace our Singapore spirit and values.

*Teachers can select a film from a range of SG Story films for their school assembly programme, depending on the NE theme which will complement their curriculum/school event.

Resource Kit (Pre/During /Post Preparations or Discussions]

To help prepare the students for meaningful engagement, a resource kit that includes the film synopsis and suggested educational activities/content will be given to the teacher in-charge.

Learning Objectives

1. Heighten the awareness of NE messages and Citizenship Dispositions through NE films.

2. Understand the importance of our Singapore spirit and shared values and the fact that we cannot take our peace and security for granted. 

Programme Details

30 Mins (Per show)
 Recommended Level
Primary 1 - Primary 6 
  No. Of Participants
Min. 200 pax

For enquiries and/or booking of educational programmes, please contact:

North & West Zones
Ariel Ong (Ms), Asst. Account Manager
Tel: (65) 9362 9675
 Email:  [email protected]

South & East Zones
Rick Lee (Mr), Asst. Account Manager
Tel: (65) 9693 4955
Email:  [email protected]

Or email us at [email protected], our Education programme specialist will contact you shortly.

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