Primary Education Programmes

National Education (NE) Ambassador Gallery Docent Track (Bronze)

This programme aims to provide a safe environment for students to overcome their fear of public speaking (one of the 21st century competencies) and learn to be effective communicators through  experiential learning.  

Introduction [45 Mins]

Understand and appreciate the importance and relevance of National Education and active citizenry and what it takes to be a NE Ambassador.

Guided Tour @ SDC [2 Hrs 15 Mins]

Understand how NE is put into practice through a guided tour of the Permanent Exhibits Gallery at SDC (focusing on the Singapore Story).

Public Speaking Session and Debrief [3 Hrs]

Be exposed to the art of public speaking through experiential learning. Students will have an opportunity to use their newly acquired public speaking skills to deliver a presentation on the Singapore Story.

Learning Objectives

1. Appreciate the relevance of National Education in schools and our community

2. Build self-confidence and teamwork

3. Acquire communication skills through effective verbal and non-verbal communication

Programme Details

7 Hrs (Inclusive of break) 
 Recommended Level
Primary 3 - Primary 6 
  No. Of Participants
Min. 30 pax / Max. 40 pax 
(per class)

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