Primary Education Programmes

Mission Ready!

Students will learn about the importance of military defence through engaging and varied activities such as field craft (includes basha pitching and camouflage), which will help them understand and affirm their commitment to defend Singapore.

Learning Objectives 

1. To gain a better understanding of the military’s various functions, operational capabilities and its importance to Singapore’s defence and security

2. Appreciate the role of the military in the protection and defence of Singapore and understand how students can do their part in contributing to Singapore’s defence

3. Spark interests and affirm their commitment to defending Singapore

Programme Details

3 Hrs (Inclusive of break) 
 Recommended Level
Primary 1 - Primary 6 
  No. Of Participants  
Min. 1 class/ Max. 3 classes  
(Max. 40 pax per class)

For enquiries and/or booking of educational programmes, please contact:

North & West Zones
Ariel Ong (Ms), Asst. Account Manager
Tel: (65) 9362 9675
Email:  [email protected] 

South & East Zones
Rick Lee (Mr), Asst. Account Manager
Tel: (65) 9693 4955
Email:  [email protected]

Or email us at [email protected], our Education programme specialist will contact you shortly.

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