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  • Primary Education Programmes 2018
    Get a copy of our Primary Education Programmes 2018 to find out more about the programmes for both students and educators!
  • Total Defence Day Programme
    Total Defence – Gear Up!
    Attention all students! It’s time for us to gear up and support our TD Defenders in responding to various threats facing our nation. Experience first-hand how Singapore’s Total Defence framework is poised and ready for an all-round response to threats and challenges through our Special exhibition, Mission-based stations as well as SCDF Special Showcase and Vehicular display.
  • Discovery Booklet 2017
    Get a copy of the Discovery Booklet to find out more about the programmes and events for both students and educators! Click here to download.
  • (4) Assembly Roadshow_RHND
    Assembly Roadshow
    (Total Defence Day)
    Learn to appreciate the importance of self-reliance and be invoked to think about issues such as future threats and challenges and how to play a part through Total Defence. In support of SG Secure, students will also learn how to better protect themselves from any attack and to safeguard the Singapore way of life.
  • Singapore – Then & Now (Outdoor Trail)
    Focusing on promoting better understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s diversity, this trail highlights the contributions made by the different cultures which have helped shape us into the Singapore that we are today.
  • SG UNITE! 2.0 CARD GAME (INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO)Learn how to play the SG Unite! 2.0 Card Game and do your part for Total Defence! Click here to view the instructional video.
  • NE Ambassadors Badge Programmes
    The NE Ambassadors Badge Programmes aims to nurture student leaders to interest and engage with their peers in issues regarding National Education by equipping them with relevant life skills such as public speaking and learning to be effective communicators.
  • Curriculum-based programmes
    Closely linked to the primary school syllabus, these programmes aim to inculcate values and allow students to better appreciate the environment that they live in. Through interactive activities and active participation, these programmes will also help students understand issues relevant to their everyday life and invoke critical thinking skills in their social experiences.
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South & East Zone Schools

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Assistant Account Manager
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North & West Zone Schools

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Special Projects

Ms Soo Hui Wah
Director, Education
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