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  • Programme Booklet 2020
    Get a copy of the Discovery Booklet to find out more about the programmes and events for both students and educators! Click here to download.
  • Future Economy Programme (NEW!)
    As one of the 4 Asian Tigers, Singapore’s economy is largely state directed, focusing on high value-added services enabled by a heavy reliance on an imported workforce. Today, we live in a time of rapid globalisation and disruption where about half of the jobs in 2020 are unknown to us, and yet, half of the jobs today will be obsolete. Will a state-heavy growth model be sustainable in the long term? How can students gear themselves up for the future economy?
  • Young Ethnographers’ Trail
    A learning journey unlike the usual guide-centric tours. Students will take on the role of an ethnographer to investigate the impact of specific social-economic issues on-site through different data collection techniques.
  • Outreach Programme
    Let us bring the Singapore Story to you! SDC’s outreach programmes and exhibitions can travel to school classrooms and libraries around Singapore. These are great resources to complement your own commemorative day celebrations.
  • Industry Based Programme
    Students will able to experience the insides of S’pore Discovery Centre. This programme provides a professional working experience for the students as they understand the co-relations of the different departments within the centre.
  • Heritage and Cultural Challenge
    This challenge adopts the experiential learning approach which will appeal to students of different learning styles. There will be hands-on activities which introduce students to different cultures and practices of the different races in Singapore. Through these activities, students will learn more about the history and heritage of our multiracial Singapore.
  • Counter-Terrorism Paintball
    Students will learn the importance of teamwork and strategy by engaging in friendly paintball matches against each other’s teams. Skills such as communication and cooperation will be highlighted as teams compete to achieve a common goal.
  • Mock Conference
    Role-play as a country delegate at a mock conference, investigate key regional / global issues, and discover how consensus is achieved through intergovernmental organisations.
  • Travelling Exhibition
    Missed some of our past SDC’s special exhibitions? Book them now and we will bring them to your school’s doorsteps! Click here now to find out what we have to offer.
  • N.Emazing Race
    As an edutainment centre, SDC specialises in conducting experiential National Education (NE) learning activities for all students! Through this race, students will be able to enjoy a series of team-based activities that challenge them both physically and mentally. Besides instilling team work values, students will also have a chance to bond and have fun together!
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