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Discovery Land: With a generous floor area it offers an ideal open space for large events. It is a great place to hold exciting games, matches, competitions, and the likes.

Concourse: The concourse area is an apt location that provides exclusive sheltered area for holding large scale events, such as outdoor parties, ceremonies, anniversaries or gatherings.

Discovery Lake: A favourite hobby for many, fishing may be done at the lake during special events. A picture of serenity, the lake is conveniently situated outside the Centre. Besides fishing, the tranquil lake is also perfect for leisure or competitive pedal-boating

Band Stand: An open-air platform by the lake, the band stand is a perfect getaway from the buzz of city life. Enjoy the cool breeze as you enjoy your occasion by the lakefront. On a cheerful afternoon, you can also pedal your way across the lake in twin or quad-sharing pedal boats

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