Oh What Farm! Virtual Programme

Join Captain Discovery on a mission to learn how food gets from the farm to our tables in this 1-hour virtual programme!

Programme Details

Resources Provided

  1.  Pre and post session DIY craft activities
  2. Urban Garden Sensory Pack
  3. Eco-Planting kit

Join Captain Discovery on a mission to discover how food gets from the farm to our tables! In this one-hour virtual programme, children will take on the role of Eco Heroes as they explore the origin of food and why they should advocate zero food waste.

Programme Highlights

1. Role-playing and Mission Quest

Meet SDC’s very own urban farmers as they show children the different ways to grow edible greens and how a farm works.

2. Meet the Farmers

Children will take on the role of Eco Heroes as Captain Discovery brings them on a journey to explore food sources and help them understand ways to prevent food wastage.

3. Guided 360 Virtual Tour

Children will learn to identify different plants and their uses while participating in an interactive virtual walkthrough of SDC’s urban garden! 

4. Storybook Reading

Children will learn the value of gratitude through story-telling of  how food is brought to the table by farmers and others.  

5. Soilless Planting

Captain Discovery will demonstrate and explain how  the soilless planting activity should be done. Children will get to  experience soilless planting and bring home their own Eco-Planting Kit.

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