NE-Mazing Race

Appreciate the importance of teamwork through hands-on activities to achieve a common goal

Programme Details


  1. To learn and appreciate the importance of teamwork through hands-on activities, where they will have to work together to achieve a common goal
  2. To build team rapport and to inculcate a sense of camaraderie amongst the team members

Part 1: Briefing [30 Mins]

Facilitator will give a short overview of the programme and get the students to form groups. This briefing will include the gameplay rules as well as safety instructions.

Part 2: Self-Exploration around SDC [2 Hrs]

Students, while working in teams, will explore the different venues/learning stations and challenge themselves to complete a variety of team-based activities. While incorporating teamwork values, students will need to complete the activities as a group in order to finish the race. The fastest group that completes all the activities will win! During the programme, students will visit the Permanent Exhibits Gallery (PEG) and Special Exhibition (if applicable) and they will gain valuable insights about Singapore and learn National Education (NE) in a fun way!

Part 3: Debriefing [30 Mins]

Facilitator will debrief the students on key learning points from the activities that they have completed and share the importance of learning NE as a team.

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