National Education (NE) Ambassador Gallery Docent Track (Silver)

Gain first-hand experience by taking roles of researchers and gallery docents.

Programme Details


  1. Build self-confidence in order to be effective NE Ambassadors
  2. Acquire guiding and communication skills
  3. Acquire research and writing skills

The programme will provide students with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience by taking on the roles of researchers and gallery docents. They will conduct basic research while developing writing and guiding skills.

Introduction - Being a guide [1 Hr 15 Mins]

The fundamentals of how to be effective Gallery Docents – posture, gesturing, attire, body language, voice projection and story-telling – will be further explored.

Writing a Spiel [1 Hr 45 Mins]

Basic writing skills will be taught. Working in teams, students will develop their own spiels based on SDC’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery or their school’s heritage / NE gallery.

Guiding Session and Debrief [3 Hrs]

Be exposed to the art of guiding through experiential learning in an authentic environment. Students will have the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills by guiding their peers in SDC’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery or their own school’s heritage / NE gallery.

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