National Education (NE) Ambassador Gallery Docent Track (Gold)

Promoting NE through conducting research, developing spiels and guiding chosen exhibits.

Programme Details


  1. Be a persuasive NE advocate
  2. Build self-confidence in order to be effective NE Ambassadors
  3. Hone presentation skills to develop an engaging spiel for guided tour/s

The programme aims to promote NE through conducting research and developing spiels for guiding selected exhibit/s. It aims to take students to a higher level of proficiency in guiding. It provides them with an opportunity to inspire.

*Schools will be given a choice of the following:

1. SDC Docent (guiding of the Permanent Exhibits Gallery at SDC)
2. School Docent (guiding of the exhibits in their school’s gallery) 

Session 1 - Briefing Session and Individual Research [1 Hr]

Revisit the fundamentals of being gallery docents and be assigned an exhibit or an area of focus. Students will be required to do individual research and write a spiel based on their exhibit/s.

Session 2 - Pre-Assessment Individual Conference [2 Hrs]

Students will receive additional support in the preparation for the Gold Badge final assessment. In this pre-assessment session (one-on-one conference), SDC facilitators will provide feedback and check for content accuracy and NE relevance in the students’ spiel.

Session 3 - Final Assessment Guiding Session [3 Hrs]

Students will be individually assessed on their guiding of their assigned exhibit/s or area of focus.

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