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Get the popcorn ready! Equipped with a five-storey high screen and an excellent sound system, this 344-seater world-class theatre invites you to a truly cinematic and realistic sensory experience.

Important Notice: It is highly recommended to make your booking online in advance and arrive 5 to 10 mins before the start of the screening, as entry is strictly not allowed after the show has started. Movie and film schedules are subject to change. Please be reminded to bring along your TraceTogether tokens or check-in to iWERKS Theatre using the TraceTogether app.

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Ainbo (2D)

Start Date: 15 Apr 2021
Running Time: 1hr 25mins
Rating: PG

Ainbo is the story of a girl who was born and grew up in the deepest jungle of the Amazon in the village of Colonia. One day she discovers that her homeland is being threatened and realizes that there are other humans in the world besides her people. Using the help of her spirit guides, the skinny armadillo “Dillo” and the heavy-set tapir “Vaca”, she embarks on a journey to seek help from the most powerful Mother Spirit of the Amazon, Turtle “Motelo Mama”. As she fights to save her paradise against the greed and exploitation of logging and illegal mining, she struggles to reverse this destruction and the impending evil of the “Yacaruna”, the darkness that lives in the Amazon. Guided by her mother’s spirit, Ainbo is determined to save her land and save her people before it’s too late.

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Way Down (2D)

Start Date: 6 May 2021
Running Time: 1hr 58mins
Rating: PG13 - Coarse Language

When an engineer learns of a mysterious, impenetrable fortress hidden under the Bank of Spain, he joins a crew of master thieves who plan to steal the legendary lost treasure while the whole country watches the World Cup. With thousands of soccer fans cheering in the streets, and security forces closing in, the crew has just minutes to pull off the score of a lifetime.

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Coming Soon: Fast & Furious 9 (2D)

Start Date: 26 May 2021
Running Time: 2hrs 23mins
Rating: PG13 - Some Violence

Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto is leading a quiet life off the grid with Letty and his son, little Brian, but they know that danger always lurks just over their peaceful horizon. This time, that threat will force Dom to confront the sins of his past if hes going to save those he loves most. His crew joins together to stop a world-shattering plot led by the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they've ever encountered: a man who also happens to be Dom's forsaken brother, Jakob (John Cena, next year's The Suicide Squad).

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Coming Soon: Disney's Cruella (2D)

Start Date: 27 May 2021
Running Time: 2hrs 14mins
Rating: PG

Academy Award winner Emma Stone stars in Disney's "Cruella," an all-new live-action feature film about the rebellious early days of one of cinemas most notorious - and notoriously fashionable - villains, the legendary Cruella de Vil. "Cruella," which is set in 1970s London amidst the punk rock revolution, follows a young grifter named Estella, a clever and creative girl determined to make a name for herself with her designs. 

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