Model Parliament

Understand the key functions of the parliament and learn how national issues are discussed.

Programme Details


  1. Understand the key functions of the Parliament and learn how national issues are discussed and gain better understanding of the complexities of policy-making
  2. Understanding the decision-making process and how the various ministries participate in parliamentary debates in a representative democracy

Students will role-play as Ministers or Members of Parliament (MPs) and debate on the general merits and impacts of a motion. Prior to the debate, the students will experience a guided tour at the Permanent Exhibits Gallery (PEG) to understand more about Singapore’s principles of governance or will be given some background information.

During the mock parliament debate, students will get a chance to debate their findings, while gaining understanding about trade-offs and how the other respective ministries and the public will also be affected. To close the debate, students will get a chance to vote for or against the motion.

Part 1: Understanding our Singapore Parliament

Students get a brief overview of the legislature in Singapore and find out who makes up the Parliament. They will also look at the motion which will be put up for debate, and understand the contemporary issues related to the motion.

Part 2: Guided Tour - Permanent Exhibit Gallery (PEG)

Our Singapore Story Guides will bring students on a tour around our PEG or special exhibition (if applicable).

Part 3: Preparing the Speech for their Motion

Students will learn the parliamentary debate protocols, draft their speech and begin discussions and lobbying.

Part 4: Sharing of the Speech on their Motion and Final Voting

Scenario will be created where the Parliamentary Session is in order and Ministers / Members of Parliament will be invited to share their stand on the motion. Everyone will be asked to cast their votes to support or go against the motion.

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