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To share the Singapore Story and inspire a desire to contribute to Singapore’s future

Belief Statements:
To our Guests – Excellent Customer Service
To our Staff – A Preferred Employer
To our Business Associates – A Professional Relationship
To our Stakeholders – An Enriching Partnership



It is commonly used interchangeably with empathy, altruism, kindness and love. However, compassion must not be confined to just managing clients and visitors, it is also about treating our own employees compassionately.

Customer Service

We are just providing basic customer service if we are merely meeting expectations when we are personable, prompt, efficient, courteous, and reliable. It is when we are able to deliver beyond expectations, then are we are able to delight our guests and visitors.

Pride in Work

This is seen as a positive attitude to have as it celebrates one’s achievements and promotes self-worth or self-esteem. When you have pride in what you organise, plan, write, train and guide, then you will be able to do what you do exceedingly well and with a lot more passion.


Being professional is also about wanting to excel in whatever we undertake to do. When we do things right and well the first time, every time and all the time, then we are indeed displaying the highest level of professionalism.

Honesty & Integrity

When we take personal responsibility for our actions, we are indeed displaying honesty and integrity. As we are governed by the corporate governance principles, it is only when we have strong ethical behaviour that we can stay true to the spirit behind corporate governance and we can all sleep well at night, knowing very well that our conscience is crystal clear.


Understanding teamwork is essential in order to achieve the goals and successes that every business hopes to see. Working together as a team means that several individual people have to come together and function as one solid unit. It involves taking the various talents and skills that each team member contributes and combining them into one successful effort.

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