Mid-Year Post Exams
(April to May 2020)

Join us on an exciting journey to discover how Singapore is connected to the rest of the world.

*The programme is offered in commemoration of International Friendship Day (IFD) in the month of April

Programme Details


  1. Understand and appreciate the need for Singapore to be open and to have friends from all around the world for its survival.
  2. Understand why Singapore needs to cooperate with other countries for its growth and progress.
  3. Understand the cultural and economic diversity of ASEAN and the need to cooperate with one another to promote progress and understanding among our neighbours in SE Asia.

Exams are over! Join us on an exciting journey to discover how Singapore is connected to Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. Through various fun and engaging activities, students will learn the importance of friendship and cooperation for Singapore’s growth and progress.

Game Show

Taking on roles as “trade representatives”, students will be guided through an immersive experience at the ‘World Supermarket’ to learn more about how the food that we eat reaches us. They will pit against each other in an interactive game.

Craft Activity

Students will be engaged in a fun and meaningful craft activity to appreciate the need for Singapore to make friends with other countries.

Combat Bites!

Be a soldier for the day and discover how combat rations from around the world can tell us interesting aspects of the countries’ cultures and the importance of friendship between countries. Students will get to sample some combat rations in this immersive learning station.

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