Mid-Year Post-Exams 2021

Learning Objectives

1. Be aware of Singapore’s push for innovations in agritechnologies to address food security issues in the nation and the region
2. Appreciate how an openness to the international flow of trade and ideas can bring new opportunities and growth to Singapore
3. Reflect on the importance on having an active foreign policy to maintain international space and good relations with neighbouring countries

The Hungry Games (In-centre)

Embark on an exciting journey to learn about the importance of friendship and cooperation in an interconnected world. Appreciate the diversity of views that people from countries around the world bring to Singapore. Through a variety of immersive and engaging learning stations, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the importance of diplomacy to Singapore.

The Hungry Games 2.0 Urban Garden and Mystery Box Challenge (GIOBY)
How much do you know about the food we consume? And how these foods reach us? What would you do if we no longer have access to food resources? Against the backdrop of an unprecedented crisis, you must battle for the limited food resources available to keep your family alive!

Through this immersive game, students will learn the importance of food security and appreciate the threats and opportunities globalisation poses to Singapore.
Come discover SDC’s very own urban garden. Look, touch, feel and smell some herbs and vegetables grown here. After that, “create” an innovative fusion dish from any of these local plants.

*(GIOBY): Grown in our back yard

I am a Food Security Agent (Digital)

Did you know food security can be easily affected by situations happening in other countries? Challenge your classmates in the “I am a Food Security Agent” card game and experience how unpredictable scenarios can affect our food security.


Package A

In-centre (per pax)  

Members Non-members

Package B

Digital Facilitated (per class)

Members Non-members

Price inclusive of 8 decks of cards for the class

Package C

Digital DIY (per school)

Members Non-members

Price not inclusive of cards for the school. Resources sent in soft copy only.

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