I Am A Town Planner

A fun and interactive learning environment for students to learn about land utilisation in Singapore.

Programme Details


  1. Learn about land utilisation in Singapore and why urban planning in our land-scarce country is important
  2. Understand how Singapore manages land resources to meet our changing needs and new challenges

Ever wondered how Singapore manages to “fit and build everything” on our tiny island? This programme aims to provide a fun and interactive learning environment for students to understand the land constraints and challenges faced by Singapore since our independence.

Introduction [30 Mins]

Explore the idea of population growth and changing needs versus land constraints.

Guided Tour @ SDC [1 Hr]

Develop an appreciation of the need to change Singapore’s physical environment in order to meet our changing needs through a tour of SDC’s Permanent Exhibits Gallery (or alternative). Students will learn why it is important to use our limited resources prudently.  

Town Planning Session and Debrief [1 Hr]

Students will take on the role of town planners as they work together to provide an optimal lifestyle for Singaporeans. Through a hands-on exercise, they will learn and discover how every decision that they make will have an impact on the environment, people and land development.

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