Educators Learning Journey
(Heritage & Food Trail)

This programme aims to encourage staff bonding by having a fun and engaging trip to various heritage sites!

Programme Details


  1. Encourage staff bonding through outdoor activities
  2. Appreciate our diverse cultures through experiencing food of a different culture
  3. Explore the rich history and heritage of Singapore and appreciate the social cohesiveness amongst the various cultures

The programme aims to provide a fun and engaging trip to various heritage sites!

Part 1: Pre-Trail Briefing [20 Mins]

A mass briefing will be conducted with the staff at an arranged location prior to the start of the trail.

Part 2: Outdoor Trail [2 Hrs 40 Mins, Inclusive of Travelling Time between Sites]

Learn more about the cultural practices of the different races and be immersed in the sights and sounds of these areas. Lunch consisting of food from a specific culture will also be arranged for participants to explore a taste of Singapore. Free and easy time will also be dedicated for participants to do self-exploration.

Choice of Venues: (Please Choose 2)

• Chinatown
• Kampong Glam
• Little India

For enquiries and/or booking of educational programmes, please contact:

North & West Zones

Ariel Ong (Ms), Asst. Account Manager
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South & East Zones

Rick Lee (Mr), Asst. Account Manager
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Junior Colleges, Centralized Institutes, Tertiary Groups

Remus Sng Tee Kiat (Mr), Asst Account Manager
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