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Seen through the fresh lens of Singapore’s young aspiring film-makers, the Singapore Stories films cover a wide range of genres from drama to comedy. Thematically, the films retain a strong Singaporean flavour even as they reflect the emotions that will resonate with any audience. The films reflect the students’ interpretations of the Singaporean identity and values like resilience, racial harmony and courage in the face of adversity. These provide not only entertainment, but also a thought-provoking look at what is meaningful and important to us all in life.

  • Hero
    (Silver World Medal Award, New York Festivals’ World’s Best TV & Film Competition 2015)
    How far would a father go to give his family a better life? When a hardened battle-weary fighter tries to quit the never-ending cycle of gangland turf wars for a quieter life with his young daughter, he is offered one last fight as his exit ticket. But leaving the brotherhood is never easy and the path to freedom is paved with heart-wrenchingly difficult choices.
  • Backstage
    What happens when smartphone toting, Facebook posting Gen Y meets Chinese opera with all its tradition, formality and discipline? A heart-warming dramedy about a happy-go-lucky teen who must earn his stern father’s respect when he takes over the role of troupe leader and lead warrior role in the Chinese opera troupe his father runs.
  • Time
    What if you were given the power to return to the past to change your life? An ex-convict is presented with the tempting option to cross time and space to alter his past. In doing so, can he take a different path and have a better life? Everything comes with a price. Sometimes the cost of changing history may be a heavy one to bear.
  • SQ117: Men Behind the Masks
    “SQ117: MEN BEHIND THE MASK” is a thrilling docu-drama on the hijack of SQ117, featuring the SAF commando elites who successfully rescued all hostages and took down the hijackers.
  • Reunion
    A touching story about a talented chef who comes home after going away for 3 years, to fulfill his ailing Grandmother’s wish, and discovers the real meaning of reunion dinner.
  • The Dream Team
    An inspiring documentary on how the DREAM TEAM was assembled to finally win the Malaysia Cup, and bring back glory to Singapore football.
  • Asam Pedas Ikan Salmon
    The way to a mother’s heart is through the stomach. A clash of cultures over one iconic dish, this fiesty comedy dishes out the laughs even as it warms the heart. When a young man brings his American fiancée home, it sets the stage for an epic battle for affection and loyalty – one that can only be settled with the eponymous asam pedas ikan salmon.
  • Tasmim
    As an edutainment centre, SDC specialises in conducting experiential National Education (NE) learning activities for all students! Through this race, students will be able to enjoy a series of team-based activities that challenge them both physically and mentally. Besides instilling team work values, students will also have a chance to bond and have fun together!
  • To: Another Me
    What if you could change the future? When a girl receives messages from her future self through a mobile app, she faces the tantalising choice of being able to alter the future and change her life. But at what cost does success come? This moving drama about regret, temptation and choices will touch your heart.

Singapore Story Poster Series

The Singapore Story Poster Series will be a useful education resource to engage students about NE and CCE. It consists of various thematic mounted posters that are available for schools to order to complement their NE and CCE curriculum. With the use of visual stimuli such as photographs, the series will value-add educators by providing them with opportunities to discuss pertinent current issues in Singapore. This mounted posters resource will also be further supplemented with lesson packages i.e. worksheets that can be used for teaching and learning in the classroom or an alternate form of assessment.
Titles available –
• Total Defence (a set of 8 posters)
• Pioneer Leaders (a set of 8 posters)

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