“Do you know us Inside Out?”
Social Media Quiz

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“Do you know us Inside Out?” is a series of 5 quizzes on the newly renovated Singapore Discovery Centre! The quiz will be happening from 3 Oct till 19 Oct 2020 on Singapore Discovery Centre’s Facebook and Instagram page!

250 lucky winners will stand a chance to win 1 Limited-Edition Face Mask and you might be one of them! Visit our social media to participate now! 

 Singapore Discovery Centre

Terms & Conditions:


Face mask will be mailed out to your provided local address via post from 23 Oct 2020 onwards.


Face mask design will be mailed out randomly.


Each local mailing address is limited to 1 winner only. Let others have the chance to grab hold of our limited-edition masks too! 😉


By taking part in the quiz, you acknowledge to be part of Singapore Discovery Centre’s mailing list and be updated with its latest promotions and events.