Counter Terrorism Paintball

Understand the current climate of terrorism and envision how to play a part to keep Singapore safe.

Programme Details


  1. Understand the importance of leadership, teamwork and communication
  2. Encourage students to work together for a common goal

Be engaged in understanding the current climate of terrorism and envision how to play a part in keeping Singapore safe. Suitable for all students above 14 years old, students will experience a different approach via paintball gameplay in tackling the issue of counter-terrorism.

Understanding the Terrorism Climate (Class-Based Activity) [30 Mins]

Learn about the rising terror threats around the world, the region and Singapore. Students will learn how they have a part to play against terrorism, through vigilance and resilience (TD and SGSecure).

Being a Counter Terrorist! (Experiential Paintball Gameplay & Debrief) [2 Hrs 30 Mins]

Students will play against each other in teams, with scenarios testing the students’ ability to be vigilant and resilient using SGSecure techniques (e.g. Run, Hide, Tell). The programme will conclude with a debrief session on how students should respond in times of crises, and what they can do to keep Singapore safe.

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