Commemorative & Corporate Social Responsibility 

Commemorating Achievements 

For important moments and achievements, Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) can help you host an award ceremony to honour your recipients in the most deserving manner. Whether it is a formal event or part of an informal celebration, our event management team will recommend and tailor our flexible facilities to cater to your event’s requirement. 

Host of New Citizenship Ceremonies

Being granted Singapore citizenship is a wonderful milestone to remember. SDC provides a 1,000 pax sheltered venue suitable for memorializing this significant event. There is nothing like initiating brand new Singaporeans with a post-ceremony guided tour of SDC, and a small celebration supplemented with a sharing of finger food in our café.

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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate social responsibility is important to SDC, and we would be proud to support you in your endeavours to contribute to society. Let us host and help you organise any charity event your organisation holds dear to its heart, such as children’s days, auctions, awareness campaigns and more.  

Movie Screening Nights

SDC's iWERKS Theatre boasts 344 seats, and it is a unique venue to bond participants through the latest blockbuster movies. Complete the experience with popcorn and drinks, and your choice of pre-movie activities which include guided tours of the exhibitions. 

Or email us at  [email protected] our Events specialist will contact you shortly.

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Community Clubs & Grassroots Tour 

We provide customisable tours to share the Singapore Story with engaging exhibits.

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Home Team

Foster stronger bonds and build a sense of camaraderie in your unit and battalion.

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Travel Agencies & Tour Groups

Partnered with professional tour operators, we design a host of must-see edutainment attractions.

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Indoor Venue

SDC boasts a range of indoor venues to accommodate all types of occasions.