SG Story Guided Tour

SG Story Guided Tour

Featuring Total Defence Day Exhibits
"RE: Our Scars - For Your Necessary Action"
25 Jan - 28 Mar 2021

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Step back in time to learn more about pain points from our past through our SG Story Guided Tour!

From the Japanese Occupation to the present day threat of Covid-19, these crises have shaped our consciousness and resilience as a nation. Examine our scars to understand how we overcame the odds and drew strength from each experience. Rediscover the past to find out how we can each play our part to confront present and future challenges collectively as a nation.

The guided tour covers 4 areas:

1. Total Defence Exhibits (30 mins)
2. Permanent Exhibits Gallery - Through the Lens of Time (45 mins)
3. SAFTI Bus Tour (30 mins)
4. Short Film (30 mins) (subject to availability)

Programme Details 

2 - 2.5 Hrs
 No. of Participants
Min. 8 pax

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