Centre Visit

Students will learn about the Singapore story and appreciate the key NE messages.

Programme Details


  1. Discover and appreciate our Singapore Story
  2. Explore various contemporary issues which are of interest to PSEI students

This programme provides a good introduction to Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) and the Singapore Story, where students can learn and appreciate the key NE messages through multi-media exhibits and guided tours of SDC & SAFTI, and encourage them to reflect on the relevance of NE in their lives and how they can do their part to contribute as active citizens.

SDC Guided Tour

Discover the Singapore Story, together with our Singapore Stories Guides who will take you through our Permanent Exhibits Gallery and Special Exhibition (where applicable).

SAFTI Bus Tour

Hop onto our SAFTI bus and view the 88-hectare training ground for officers-to-be (closed facility, only open for special tours). This tour will offer a unique glimpse into the life of an officer cadet and the role of the SAF in the security and defence of Singapore.

Singapore Stories Film (Optional)

Catch and be touched by one of the latest Singapore Stories Film series! These NE films produced by our local polytechnic reflect students’ interpretations of the Singaporean identity and values like resilience, racial harmony and courage in the face of adversity.    

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