“Man Made Marvels” – Marina Bay Walking Tour

Description of Programme

Guided Walking Tour Apart from an intriguing storyline for each tour, our guides deliver content through the use of visual aids such as photos, videos and maps. Participants will be engaged in two-way interaction with our guides through quizzes and experiential activities (e.g. hands-on cultural activities, food sampling) to reinforce their understanding and learning of NE messages. Marina Bay Walking Tour How does Singapore continue to stand out on the global stage? For a nation-state with no natural resources, people are our strength and our wealth. With people, we are able to build iconic structures that the world can marvel at. This tour will explore the challenges faced when building the three Man-Made wonders of Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage. Discover the innovative solutions that were found, as we managed land use, environmental sustainability and financial viability. Let’s marvel again at them and deepen our appreciation as we learn more about the process. Sites to Visit: Marina Bay Sands / Art Science Museum / Dragonfly Lake / Heritage Gardens / Supertree Grove / Marina Barrage

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

For servicemen to:
1. Develop a sense of pride in the achievements of Singapore, while at the same time appreciate the considerations that went into the planning and design of these iconic structures, and what are the efforts needed to maintain our standing as a world class city.

2. Discuss our City in a Garden initiatives, what we have done to emerge as the city with one of the highest green coverage, and what our future plans are to continue to integrate nature with urban design.

3. Discover various sustainable features that have been designed into world class buildings and how these features contribute to reducing the energy needs of our city.

Aspect of Total Defence:
1. Economic Defence
- Staying relevant and competitive through rapid change and development
2. Psychological Defence
- Having pride in and being loyal and committed to our country, and having the will, resolve and resilience to overcome challenges.


2.5 - 3 hrs

Session Timings

Flexible timing between 0900H to 1900H

Pricing (per participant)

Minimum 20 pax
1. 20 - 25 pax: $16
2. 26 - 30 pax: $14
3. > 30 pax: $12

Additional Charges
1. Optional transportation to/from starting point: $120.00 / 40-seater bus / trip

Terms and Conditions

- 1 x English Speaking Licensed Guide
- Optional add-on transfer @ $120.00 (Per 40-seater coach per way)

- Food and drinks
- Any other item not included in inclusions

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