Fort Canning Hill: The Security and Defence of Singapore™

Description of Programme

The best place to learn about our nation’s exciting 700-year history is Fort Canning Hill - through a fun-filled Treasure Hunt and quizzes! Lying in the city centre, the historic hill is where the nation’s story begins. Visit the hill to understand the defence and security of Singapore from the 14th to the 20th centuries, and how it transformed from an ancient sea port to a modern global city. Discover the role of security and defence in maintaining a prosperous nation in the past and the future. Sites covered on Fort Canning Hill: a. Keramat Iskandar Shah b. Archaeological Dig c. 9-Pound Cannon d. Fort Gate e. Sally Port Meeting Point: Outside the Battlebox Visitor Centre (2 Cox Terrace)

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

1. Total Defence (Military and Psychological Defence) & Singapore Military History

2. Discover Singapore's historical links and important role in the region from ancient times to the present

3. Understand the importance of Fort Canning Hill in the defence and security of Singapore from the 14th century until the present day


2.5 - 3 hrs

Session Timings

Session 1: 0900 – 1130/1200 hours

Session 2: 1400 – 1630/1700 hours

Pricing (per participant)

Min/Max 20 pax: $23.00

Terms and Conditions

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