The Northern Trail

Description of Programme

This trail concentrates on the northern part of Singapore. The chosen site have more than one thread that connects them with each other. There is the political thread which highlights the British power before WWII and the impact of Singapore’s development as a Naval Base. Being a British Colony, Singapore attracted people from all over the Commonwealth which connects with the historical thread as we look at different groups of people in the area has the human thread as its guide. Sites: Kranji War Memorial, Woodlands Waterfront, Sembawang

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

The political thread of the British forces pre-World War 2 – Military Defence

Development of Singapore as a strategic naval base – Military, Economic Defence

Singapore being a British colony, attracted people from all over the Commonwealth – Social Defence


2.5 hrs

Session Timings

Session 1: 1000hrs
Session 2: 1400hrs

Pricing (per participant)


Terms and Conditions

Minimum 40 pax; maximum 100 pax

Booking lead time is at least 4 weeks in advance.

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