“Safe Waters, Prosperous Nation” – Singapore Harbour Virtual Interactive Tour

Description of Programme

Virtual Interactive Tour All our virtual tours are conducted “Live” with actual guides physically on the ground at the tour venues and establishing a live-stream onto the virtual platform. Conducted this way, they are able to interact with the actual environment, surroundings and people. Interactive elements such as live chats, polls, games and quizzes are also incorporated to add an additional layer of fun and experimentation among participants. “Live” virtual tours can deliver the same NE and TD objectives in the safety and comfort of the home or classroom. Singapore Harbour Virtual Tour Sail through the busy harbour, get up close to various offshore marine vessels, the container port, the southern islands, and the iconic Raffles Lighthouse. In a world where more than 90% of trade is carried by sea, Singapore is where it all converges, earning the title of the "World's busiest transshipment hub". On this tour, develop a newfound appreciation of the Maritime industry, and the bustling activities happening in the waters south of Singapore. Sites to Visit: Marina South Pier / Singapore Harbour / Southern Islands / Pasir Panjang Terminal / Pulau Semakau / Raffles Lighthouse

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

For servicemen to:
1. Appreciate the complexities of managing the waters of Singapore by observing a wide variety of offshore vessels, learn the navigational marks such as lateral, cardinal and danger marks that guide the seafarers and how they coordinate their routes in the Singapore Straits.

2. Get connected with Singapore’s Southern Islands such as St John’s Island, Kusu Island, Lazarus Island, Pulau Bukom, Pulau Sebarok and Pulau Semakau. Find out why each of them is important to Singapore.

3. Trace the progress and advancement of Maritime Singapore and have a sense of Singapore’s rich maritime legacy and growth.

Aspect of Total Defence:
1. Military Defence
- Deterring aggression, being operationally ready and being able to meet all kinds of challenges.
2. Economic Defence
- Staying relevant and competitive through rapid change and development.
3. Psychological Defence
- Having pride in and being loyal and committed to our country, and having the will, resolve and resilience to overcome challenges.


1.5 hrs

Session Timings

Flexible timing between 0900H to 1900H

Pricing (per participant)

Minimum 50 pax
1. 50 - 80 pax: $45
2. 81 - 150 pax: $35
3. > 150 pax: $25

Additional Charges
1. Virtual Team Building: $10 / pax

Terms and Conditions

- 1 x English Speaking Licensed Guide
- 1 x host / facilitator / tech support crew (additional crew added where required)
- Charter of ferry for tour guide to conduct tour
- Virtual Tour platform
- All activities and games during virtual tour

- Individual electronic device
- Any other item not included in inclusions

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