Description of Programme

“Live” Virtual Tour “Live” Virtual Tours are suitable alternatives to outdoor NE tours. Participants will join in via a video platform and a “live” video steam will be established with the guide on-site. Follow the guide around various places of interest, hear their stories, and interact via a live chat box. Be engaged in online games (e.g. Bingo, spot the difference, etc) to increase engagement and have fun while learning. “Living in Syonan-To” The Japanese Occupation of Syonan-to is a distant memory, a memory that bears little relevance to our lives today. Yet, there are countless lessons from this period that we must remember, and untold stories of bravery and resilience that we must honour. Follow us on this virtual experience as you deepen your understanding of life during the Occupation. Together, let us reaffirm the importance of Total Defence, and celebrate the resilience of our people. Sites to Cover • Cathay Building (Wartime Media & Propaganda) • YMCA (Torture & Sufferings) • National Museum (Protection & Security) • CHIJMES (Wartime Economy) • Civilian War Memorial (Remembering our Heroes)

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

NE Messages
1. Singapore is our Homeland; this is where we belong
2. No one owes Singapore a living
3. We must ourselves defend Singapore

TD Pillars:
1. Military Defence
2. Civil Defence
3. Psychological Defence

Key Takeaways
• Experience the type of Japanese propaganda that was used during the occupation and hear the horror stories of those that refused to conform to Japanese Military superiority.

• Understand the harshness of daily life, and the scarcity of food in this period. Recalibrate your understanding of money as it was used under the Japanese Military administration.

• Remember the sacrifice made by the generation that lived through the war and make a commitment to never have Singaporeans experience what they did again through Total Defence.


1.5 hrs

Session Timings

Flexible timing between 0900H to 1900H

Pricing (per participant)

Minimum 20 pax
1. 20 – 40 pax: $18
2. 41 – 80 pax: $15
3. 81 – 150 pax: $12
4. > 150 pax: $8.50
Additional Charges
1. Add-on Virtual Team Building: +$10 / pax

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
• 1 x English Speaking Guide
• 1 x host / facilitator / tech support crew (additional crew added where required)
• Virtual Tour platform
• All activities and games during virtual tour
• Individual electronic device
• Any other item not included in inclusions

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